MwPharm++ Release 2.* - Description
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MwPharm++ Release 2.* - Description

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release - Description

New feature

[EDSIMP-168] - Create database management tool (DatMan)
[EDSIMP-169] - Fix missing molecular weights exposed by DatMan
[EDSIMP-192] - Add 2 pseudo-parameters to TResult as modulation anchors


[EDSIMP-150] - Create XLinear (streamlined XRegression replacement)
[EDSIMP-152] - Also allow tags at the model level in addition to the object level
[EDSIMP-153] - Prevent hijacking of already hijacked and read-only parameters by XProxy
[EDSIMP-154] - Allow pSS dosage setting below 90%
[EDSIMP-157] - AUC extensions
[EDSIMP-161] - net5.0 goes out of support
[EDSIMP-172] - Remove Extract screen from MwPharm++
[EDSIMP-183] - Add Dalbavancin and Ustekinumab models to MwPharm++ distro
[EDSIMP-185] - Check mwPharm++ database on drug/model name inconsistencies


[EDSIMP-140] - Cannot enter observations for a delayed effect (Signal)
[EDSIMP-141] - Add steady state option to TSigmoidN and QResponseN
[EDSIMP-142] - Preserve covariate symbol references when changing the object type
[EDSIMP-144] - Clearly indicate the absence of parameter dependencies
[EDSIMP-145] - Allow objects to capture simulation output
[EDSIMP-146] - Problem with Simulation chart duration
[EDSIMP-148] - Add new XProxy object for additive covariates (dalbavancin model)
[EDSIMP-149] - App build script did not update "Objects" resource package
[EDSIMP-159] - Error when viewing TMonitor constants
[EDSIMP-167] - Handle cases that still specify a View "Time" slot.
[EDSIMP-174] - Drug models Fitting bug (for example for Phenytoin)
[EDSIMP-176] - Generating of SD parameters for model with main substance and metabolite
[EDSIMP-180] - Dialysis objects are not selectable anymore in MwPharm++
[EDSIMP-181] - PGx and parameter dependency comments should be cleared if absent
[EDSIMP-182] - KinPop++ does not show simulations in "no fit mode"
[EDSIMP-186] - Fit overflow with with models that fit a lag-time (t0)
[EDSIMP-191] - Issue with changing the object type in Edsim++
[EDSIMP-195] - Wrong fitting settings and deadlock for user
[EDSIMP-199] - RC-1 Fixes
[EDSIMP-200] - RC-2 Fixes


[EDSIMP-143] - Selection of the best target in Dosing screen
[EDSIMP-147] - Save the page size setting for the case
[EDSIMP-156] - Initialize user regimen to first available reference or protocol regimen
[EDSIMP-158] - Add TResult object
[EDSIMP-163] - Possibility to set the default Renal function in the Settings
[EDSIMP-164] - Format of parameter dependency strings
[EDSIMP-165] - Patch models with missing PO.k dynamically
[EDSIMP-170] - Add option for application level renal function method
[EDSIMP-171] - Bundle DatMan with MwPharm++
[EDSIMP-177] - Add event support to TSampleFast
[EDSIMP-178] - Quantity of Symbol TPatient.VF should be change from None to Fraction
[EDSIMP-179] - TCRRT2 and TCRRT3 must use free volume of connected compartment
[EDSIMP-193] - History state (Hsd) date must be set to first enabled history item
[EDSIMP-204] - Wide CI Range from 90-99.9 to 1-99.9

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release - Description

  • EDSIMP-131 -  Show covariates on the left side of the note field

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release Description

  • EDSIMP-117 - TSample Object
  • EDSIMP-118 - Add AVEIN variable to TIntegrator
  • EDSIMP-135 - Incorrect connection line type for QInput objects

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release - Description


New Feature

  • [EDSIMP-10] - Risperidone - New Model
  • [EDSIMP-11] - Olanzapine - New Model
  • [EDSIMP-13] - TAbsorptionFP - New Object
  • [EDSIMP-16] - TEliminationEx - New Object


  • [EDSIMP-29] - Load SpreadsheetGear GUI in Edsim++ dynamically
  • [EDSIMP-34] - Retract TLiver, TBlood and TDisplacement objects
  • [EDSIMP-76] - Add piperacillin-tazobactam models to distro
  • [EDSIMP-102] - Apply MUX improvements to branch tagged 2.0.4


  • [EDSIMP-3] - Incorrect duration measurement of Edsim++ batch simulation and/or fit
  • [EDSIMP-14] - Default trial license does shows "unlimited" instead of end date
  • [EDSIMP-20] - Operational mode TEliminationEx fixed to Rate
  • [EDSIMP-21] - TPolyMon object must know about TEliminationEx
  • [EDSIMP-24] - EventObject setting lost when switching from Edsim to MwPharm
  • [EDSIMP-27] - Dose calculation fails when using TAddition variable as target
  • [EDSIMP-33] - Importing an Edsim++ created EDX in the patient screen causes an error
  • [EDSIMP-75] - The TPolyMon object should identify C01 as the preferred central compartment


  • [EDSIMP-5] - Add CoolPrintPreview binary (KinPrn.dll) to ExternalBinaries
  • [EDSIMP-6] - Source tree maintenance
  • [EDSIMP-7] - Missing Edsim++.log file breaks distro build
  • [EDSIMP-8] - Hardcode path in IntelliLock project breaks Distro build
  • [EDSIMP-15] - Enable Bayes by default (if possible)
  • [EDSIMP-17] - TAbsorptionX Hepatic Extraction Ratio Logit Parametrization and Modulation
  • [EDSIMP-18] - Add parameter transform options to XLevel object
  • [EDSIMP-26] - Sim Screen Update: Redesign layout to accomadate user selected variables
  • [EDSIMP-37] - Everolimus - New Model


MwPharm++ is an efficient TDM software primarily to establish proper dosing regimen based on population PK.

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MwPharm Online Calculator is ideal tool for initial dose adjustment based on patient physiology and approate package size selection.

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Health insurance

MwPharm Revision System enables better control, more effective treatment and cost savings.

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Research & university

Research or teaching on PKPD? Edsim++ is ideal tool for you.

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