MwPharm++ Release 1.9.9 - Description
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MwPharm++ Release 1.9.9 - Description

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release 1.9.9 - Description

  • Solved: We solved problem caused by Microsoft updates (KB5006670 and KB5005539) which cause that lines in .NET 4 applications appear very thick.
  • Added: Loading dose option "NONE" should also apply to constant rate infusions (see CR-334)
  • Added: Added 2 baseline modes to TSigmoid. BaselineUP: E = E0 * (1 + Emax * S). BaselineDN: E = E0 * (1 - Emax * S)
  • Added: Any tool object (e.g. TIntegrator, XObserved) can now be directly connected (as source) to effect objects like TSigmoid
  • Added: Added external modulation factor Kmod to QInput\QOutput in case Kin or Kout is a calculated value
  • Added: Add TPeripheralEx compartment with alternative volume parametrization (Vss and FV1)
  • Added: Added Fb (see XMatExpPna) parameter to XMaturation. Fractional decrease exponential term at zero driver age (PNA, PMA)
  • Updated: If XScaler operates in absolute mode, the fields related to the reference value should be hidden (Mref, Vref, Vthr)


MwPharm++ is an efficient TDM software primarily to establish proper dosing regimen based on population PK.

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MwPharm Online Calculator is ideal tool for initial dose adjustment based on patient physiology and approate package size selection.

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Health insurance

MwPharm Revision System enables better control, more effective treatment and cost savings.

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Research & university

Research or teaching on PKPD? Edsim++ is ideal tool for you.

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