MwPharm++ Release 1.7.3 - Description
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MwPharm++ Release 1.7.3 - Description

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release 1.7.3 - Description

  • Solved: The Ccy unit cannot be changed in the model Editor. It can only be changed in the MwPharm.cfg file (for now).

  • Solved: Zero observations are automatically excluded in case a variable is assumed to be logdistributed 

  • Solved:  Do not change substance of active input while creating a new case

  • Solved:  Lab covariates (not in Status screen) without historic observations must always be reset to the default population value

  • Solved:  The Copy case button should limit itself to events & observations (clearance/rate modes must remain intact)

  • Solved:  Aborting a fit using ESC did not always work and sometimes caused an error. Fixed by checking ESC in separate thread.

  • Solved:  Patient Bw, Ccr and LF must updated to last known historic values before a simulation/fit 

  • Solved:  The "f" key does not put a field in edit mode, and the key is ignored (workaround: use a different key first)

  • Solved:  A dose calculation must always be based on a differential model in case the PK parameters are based on Cfree

  • Solved:  The initially visible curves in the simulation screen are now determined by the model variables observed setting

  • Solved: MwPharm should not simulate print preview key strokes when generating Excel report using SHIF+[R]-click

  • Added:  Changed assay error distribution in gentamycin_obese_adult_C2 model from log-normal to normal 

  • Added:  Added license expiration date to login screen

  • Added: Added classic rate based dutch tobramycin, gentamycine and methotrexate model files (Models/EDX/MwPharm/Additional)

  • Changed: Simulation screen will now show Cfree in stead of Cave

  • Added: The fit screen now allows the selection of the assay array of the free concentration in case Cu is observed in a model

  • Added: Added a free concentration flucoxacillin model to the database

  • Added: Added models for cortisol, infliximab and ribavirin to the file system (ModelsEDXMwPharmAdditional)

  • Added:The color of the POP curve is now fixed to the color of the individual curve (determined during fitting and stored in ECX file).

  • Added: The SD and CI curves are now also correctly shown for the free concentration. CI/SD user colors only apply to Conc curve.

  • Added: Holding the SHIFT key while pressing the [P] button will generate a screen dump as XLS instead of PDF



MwPharm++ is an efficient TDM software primarily to establish proper dosing regimen based on population PK.

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MwPharm Online Calculator is ideal tool for initial dose adjustment based on patient physiology and approate package size selection.

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Health insurance

MwPharm Revision System enables better control, more effective treatment and cost savings.

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Research & university

Research or teaching on PKPD? Edsim++ is ideal tool for you.

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