MwPharm++ Release 1.2.0 - Description
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MwPharm++ Release 1.2.0 - Description

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release 1.2.0 - Description


PR-232 In some rare cases incorrect plugin GUI scaling. Fixable by a new command line argument:e.g. zoom=0.95
PR-233 Incorrect OnOff display In case dialysis OFF events coincide with dialysis ON events (e.g. 200 ml/min for 24h every 24h)
PR-234 Volume of central compartment not set in TPolyMon object in case of non-linear kinetics
PR-235 Round errors in PatLib FormatAge method. Overload implementation is correct and strictly follows MwPahrm DOS style
PR-236 Cycling through non-inline list boxes using space did not work
PR-237 Delete line in schedule (Obj tab) did not always update the underlying model
PR-238 New instances of XGlucose and XInsuline have a reset volume (V=1). Regression effect of CR-131.
PR-239 Changed data in plugins may get lost if in the Edsim++ host an object was selected
PR-240 Problem when reading curve containing 95% CI series caused by non-numeric values
PR-241 Improved TExtWeighting. GammaSD used if value != 1.0 and WeightTH is value > 0 independent from the fit state
PR-242 Subsequent execution of models containing a TPolyExp object yield different results when compared to first run
CR-206 Now all 3 Schwartz renal function method variants are available (k=0.550, k=0.41 and k=user-defined)
CR-207 TCompartment as been refactored into a TCompartment and a TBaselineComp (and the Utils.cs utility class)
CR-208 The factory source files of the PKPD library (Object folder) are all marked read-only in order to prevent overwritting
CR-209 C#-Compiler error messages now include a line number and the Syntax Editor shows a line number column
CR-210 Added TSegmented input object for creating segmented absorption models
CR-211 Renamed amount eliminated A in TOutput to Ae
CR-212 Connections to TPeriDialysis(P) are now shown as bidirectional
CR-213 Object connectivity is now controlled by interfaces in addition to of explicit class references
CR-214 TEffect objects with a TEffect source now automatically refer to C instead of Cu.
CR-215 Added infectious dose threshold (pNI = 0) to TBacteria below which there is no (re)growth (sterilisation point)
CR-216 Added batch fitting function for automatically fitting *.edx files and comparing the results with *.fit reference files
CR-217 PKPD-object library now uses interfaces for indicating object source and target compatibility
CR-218 Removed XTransport from PKPD library because it did not fit well in new new interface architecture. Use XSink instead.
CR-219 Added new symbol properties: "Alias", "Label" and "CoValue"
CR-220 Added CoFactors list to variables, which is used for creating value-covalue lookup lists
CR-221 New context menu for adding objects to the model diagram as an alternative to dragging to the diagram
CR-222 Highlight with selected object compatible objects that can still receiving incoming links
CR-223 Added AUC field to regimen profile (in DosLib as Vauc and PolExp as Auc)



MwPharm++ is an efficient TDM software primarily to establish proper dosing regimen based on population PK.

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MwPharm Online Calculator is ideal tool for initial dose adjustment based on patient physiology and approate package size selection.

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Health insurance

MwPharm Revision System enables better control, more effective treatment and cost savings.

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Research & university

Research or teaching on PKPD? Edsim++ is ideal tool for you.

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