MwPharm++ Release 1.1.9 - Description
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MwPharm++ Release 1.1.9 - Description

MwPharm++/Edsim++ Release 1.1.9 - Description


PR-218 Simulation duration value corrupted when running a simulation from a plugin tab while sim tab is not selected
PR-219 In objects with active events (e.g. TGaussian) the OnOff variable is not updated (side effect of fix for PR-117)
PR-220 Incorrect reported Tmin(SS) and Cmin(SS) in DosCalc in case of EV administration with a non-zero lag-time t0.
PR-221 Lag-time not used in in DosCalc regimen simulation. Also after a replace/insert regular regimen
PR-222 DosLib exponential algorithm for AVE_INT targets applies bioavailabilty F to intravenous adminstrations
PR-223 Error when switching off continuous infusion in dosing screen after a simulation
PR-224 Edsim engine does not automatically sort source observations which may affect the creation of synthetic observations
PR-225 Clicking the simulate toolbar button while a plugin tab is visible results in a simulation with old data. Next sim is ok.
PR-226 Fixed error  in PolExp.Auc function in case of superimposing multiple poly-exponential models
PR-227 Fixed error in the NonComp plugin in case molar concentration units are used
PR-228 Dynamically generated quantities should set the standard (StdUnit) and default unit (DefUnit) properties
PR-229 Improved substance management (CR-119). With new objects the last added substance is reused with a molweight > 1
PR-230 Failing fit in case an estimated log distributed variable has an value of zero (typical after oral administration at t=0)
PR-231 Fit settings were reset to default a plugin (e.g. MwPharm)  requested to load a model (OnLoad_
CR-195 Added LinkObject property to TObject for creating an hidden connections in order to avoid a spaghetti of connections
CR-196 Dropped TProxyRate object. You can use generic LinkObject feature instead
CR-197 Added native covariate support. No need for special TCoElimination and other TCo* objects anymore (all dropped)
CR-198 Changed meaning of PatLib.Patient.LF & TPatient(Ex).LF from liver failure to liver function (default 1.0, range 0 .. 100)
CR-199 Charts are now printed using paper landscape orientation
CR-200 Added event visualization to TPortal, TGate and XEvent (in addition to TInput and TDialysis) using new EvtVis helper class
CR-201 Added renal function factor RF to PatLib and TPatient (works like LF)
CR-202 Added TPolyAuc object (derived from TPolyExp) for the validation of exponential average and area calculations
CR-203 Added history aware dose insertion to DosCalc and MwPharm plugins
CR-204 TCompartment.C0 is now set to a small value in case it was 0 and fitted
CR-205 Added "End-User Licence Agreement (EULA)" confirmation to installer


MwPharm++ is an efficient TDM software primarily to establish proper dosing regimen based on population PK.

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MwPharm Online Calculator is ideal tool for initial dose adjustment based on patient physiology and approate package size selection.

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Health insurance

MwPharm Revision System enables better control, more effective treatment and cost savings.

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Research & university

Research or teaching on PKPD? Edsim++ is ideal tool for you.

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